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 An Elite Distributor of O-Rings, Molded Gaskets and Seals to Global Companies

Who is Satori Seal?

"An Ordinary Company -- Doing Extraordinary Things!"

Satori Seal Company was founded in 1971 by Alex Acebo and has been in business since 1971. Satori is currently located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is now owned by Anne Acebo-Houlihan, one of the few female owners in her industry. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Anne started out at 18 years old working for a Swiss fastener manufacturing company and has been in the industry since. Entering Satori in 1980, Anne took over the marketing and tripled the company’s sales. After taking over the Presidency of the company in 1993, she refocused her energy on distribution as well as manufacturing. Unafraid to change the company’s paradigm and procedures to meet the customers’ changing needs, her company has more than doubled in growth under her leadership. She attributes much of this to her management skills, delegating responsibility to competent staff and empowering her employees which creates a team environment that promotes expansion. With Anne’s strong vision, her Vice President, Dale McGrosky, and Juan Garcia, her Customer Service Manager, together they have built and expanded Satori Seal into the international company it is today. Their business approach stresses customer relationships, understanding and meeting the customers’ needs and always delivering what was promised – Customers always come first!