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 An Elite Distributor of O-Rings, Molded Gaskets and Seals to Global Companies


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Company Information


General Terms of Sale

Product Sheet

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Women Owned Business Certificate (WBENC)


Compound Certifications

NSF61 Certification, Plant 14

WRAS E7014WRC Compound Certification


Reference Charts

AS-568 Standard O-ring Reference Chart

British Metric O-ring Reference Chart

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart


Technical Articles

Introduction to O-Rings

Shelf life & Proper Storage of Elastomeric Seals

Understanding ASTM D2000

What is Friction and What Does it Have to do With Rubber?

Elastomer Hardness Gages -- Type A vs. Type M

Physical Properties of Rubber

Basic O-Ring Design Criteria

Compound Identification in Quality Control

Significant Figures and Uncertainty in Measurements