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 An Elite Distributor of O-Rings, Molded Gaskets and Seals to Global Companies

Extruded Profiles, Tubing and Cord

Satori Seal supplies extruded tube, cord and custom extruded profiles and in many sizes, shapes and compound. These can be provided in continuous lengths (on rolls) or semi-continuous (cut lengths). Extrusions can made from plastic, rubber or sponge material and tubing with or without braiding. The end of the tube can be cold spliced or vulcanized together to to form hollow o-rings.

Custom Profiles

Custom profiles can be extruded in many compounds, solid or sponge, and in many colors. The extruded profiles can be cut to length and the ends can be vulcanized together to form a custom ring.

Braided Tubing

Tubing can be braided for additional strength in many colors.

Tubing and Cord

Tubing and cord can be extruded in many plastic and elastomer compounds. Tube and cord can be cut to length or shipped in continuous lengths.

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