Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals are used to seal lubricants and fluids around an oscillating, rotating or reciprocating shaft. They also prevent the entry of contaminants that can destroy internal components.

At Satori Seal we offer a large selection of rotary shaft seal designs ranging from spring loaded, non-spring loaded, metal casings, rubber covered casings as well as several other custom lip and case designs from over 50,000 available tools. We also supply custom shaft seals per your print or design needs.

Selecting a Rotary Shaft Seal

Below is a chart that shows several styles of shaft seals. Pick the style that best fits your application. Many other styles are available. Call 800-322-8366 for more information on different styles.

Along with the type of seal you will also need the actual shaft diameter, actual bore diameter, height of the seal and the type of rubber material. An example would be TC-10X19X7 BN70. This would be a Type TC shaft seal for a 10mm shaft, 19mm bore and the height would be 7mm. The material would be Nitrile 70. See Compounds for more explanation on material selection.

Designing a rotary shaft seal for your application depends on several factors and can be complicated.

For more assistance on designing a shaft seal for your application please fill out our design sheet and call one of our customer service representatives at 800-322-8366 and they will be glad to assist you.

A: Metal OD with an inner case for lip protection and greater structural rigidity.

B: Metal OD with ground surface front chamfer.

BF: Metal OD with Fully Rubberized inner case.

BZ: Metal OD and nose gasket to seal against the bottom of the bore.

C: Rubber covered OD for improved OD sealing ability for large thermal expansion of soft alloy or plastic housings

S: Single lip with garter spring. Low pressure fluids or grease sealing applications.

T: Dual lips with garter spring. Low pressure conditions with high dirt exclusion.

V: Single lip without garter spring. For sealing non pressure. Especially for grease retention and viscous fluids.

K: Dual lip without garter spring. For sealing non pressure. Especially for grease retention and viscous fluids with light duty dust exclusion.

Contact us if you have any questions or need any help deciding which seal is best for your needs.