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Precision Measuring Capabilities

We were traveling on a plane and was sitting next to a gentleman from large faucet manufacture who asked us "How do YOU control your quality?" What a great question. How do we control our quality? We realized then that we need to have the capability to measure everything we sell right here at Satori Seal in order to assure our customers they were getting the product they ordered and that it meets the dimensional specification on the drawings.

Traditional hand held measuring devices such as vernier calipers, pin gages, and c-calipers were not enough to measure all of the critical and complex dimensions on various parts. With the Video Measuring Machine (VMM) we have the capability of measuring dimensions on parts that would be impossible to measure with hand held devices. With the video measuring machine's capability to write custom programs, we have incorporated this device into our everyday quality control inspection procedures. 

MicroVu Excel
Not only can we measure extremely accurate with the Video Measuring Machine, but with it's programmable capabilities we can incorporate it into our quality inspection procedures. In the picture we are measuring 22 dimensions on 500 parts.

With the VMM we are able to measure dimensions that can not be measured by handheld calipers.

With the VMM Satori Seal is able to accurately measure this 1/16 inch octagonal hole and accurately calculate the area.