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Extruded Seals, Tubes and Cord

Rubber can be extruded into long continuous lengths such as tubing, cord, or custom shapes. Extruded seals are beneficial where long lengths of seals are required or where the same profile is required in different lengths, for instance window and door seals.

Extrusions can be manufactured from many different types of elastomer and plastic, including sponge materials. Typical uses for extruded profiles are commercial door and window seals, automotive door and window seals, vacuum and coolant lines, large pipes and fittings. The ends can be spliced (glued or vulcanized) together to form large ring seals that are too large for conventional molding.

Extruded rubber profiles require greater tolerances than molded rubber products. Typical tolerances for extruded profiles would be from The Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA), Rubber Handbook or ISO3302-1 Classes and Tolerances for Extruded Rubber Products.

Extruded Seals - Custom Profile
Extrudedd Seals - Braided Tube
Extruded Seals - Custom