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Management Team

With over 96 years of combines experience in the industry, Satori Seal’s management team has the knowledge and expertise our customer reply on to make sure they get quality product, on-time.

Anne Houlihan - Management Team

Anne Houlihan

Owner and President

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Anne started out at 18 years old working for a Swiss fastener manufacturing company and has been in the industry since. Entering Satori in 1980, Anne took over the marketing and tripled the company’s sales. After taking over the Presidency of the company in 1993, she refocused her energy on distribution as well as manufacturing. Unafraid to change the company’s paradigm and procedures to meet the customers’ changing needs, the company has more than doubled in growth under her leadership. She attributes much of this to her management skills, delegating responsibility to competent staff and empowering her employees, which creates a team environment that promotes expansion.

Dale T. McGrosky - Management Team

Dale T. McGrosky

Vice President

Dale joined Satori Seal in 1986 with a degree in Industrial Arts from California State University Los Angeles where he learned manufacturing principles and technology but also came out with a strong knowledge of automotive systems and repair. He started in the Research and Development Department of Satori's automotive division designing seals, gaskets and overhaul kits. With over 30 years of experience, Dale handles seal engineering and fields technical question from Satori's customers. He manages the quality control department, laboratory and oversees the companies operations. His passion and knowledge of technology and computers has assisted in keeping Satori Seal current with state of the art equipment and systems.

Juan C Garcia - Management Team

Juan C. Garcia

Customer Service Manager

Juan joined Satori Seal in 1990. Juan started in the Quality Control Department but quickly moved up to Production Manager. With his propensity for accuracy he was later promoted to Customer Service where he managed customer's accounts. Today Juan is the Customer Service Manager where he overseas customers accounts and other Customer Service Representatives. With his keen attention to detail, Juan works closely with purchasing to assure Satori Seal meets its customer's requirements. Juan receives high praise from his customers and is most noted for his pleasant attitude and ability to forecast his customer's requirements ahead of time; they say he makes their job easier.

Everything they’ve done for us has been top notch, they have lower lead time, do forecasting,it must be run by a great person, the sales people there are always on call, they bother me but it’s a good thing, make me look at products that I buy from them so it helps me.

Telecommunications Industry

Customer service, quick to answer questions. They get answers if they don’t have them at the moment. Keep you informed where product is, any delays, and if it'll get here sooner. Great communications skills.

Industrial Equipment Industry

Pricing and On time delivery. They have done a great job with everything.

Medical Industry