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X-Rings are a torus (donut) shaped seal with a clover shaped cross section. Because of the clover design, the X-ring has a lower coefficient of friction and has multiple sealing surfaces on each side increasing its sealing ability and reduces the amount of force needed to seal and so extends the life of the seal. X-Rings are interchangeable with O-rings especially where lower coefficient of friction values are required.

X-Ring Advantages

The design of an X-Ring eliminates the effect the flash lines has on its sealing ability. In an O-Ring flash lines are on the outer and inner diameter, which are sealing surfaces. Excessive flash can effect the ability of the sealing surface to provide a tight seal. On an X-Ring flash is not an issue.

The grooves on the sides of the X-Ring can retain lubricant, lowering friction and extending the life for the seal. Also, the X-Ring’s clover leaf design provides 2 sealing surfaces per side as opposed to one sealing surface per side on an O- ring. With the multi-sealing seal points on one ring, less compression is needed to obtain an effective seal. Less friction and wear will ultimately increase service life and reduce downtime.

x-ring seal