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Engineering Assistance

Our Engineers have Experience and Expertise in Seal Design, Problem Solving and Material Selection

With over 50 years of experience, Satori Seal engineers can assist with your seal design. We work with global companies in many different industries every day. This extensive experience means we can steer you in the correct direction with the appropriate design and specifications for most situations. Our engineering assistance can also offer suggestions for a better solution for your product and manufacturing process.

We have assisted many customers with seal design allowing them to take their product from design to production faster.

Our skilled staff and engineers can assist with elastomer selection, measuring and identification, O-ring gland design.

A simple review of the application and the basic seal design might be enough to solve any issues. If the problem is more complex, our engineers can suggest design or material modifications to overcome most technical issues.

These services are available to Satori customers only.

Satori Seals’ expertise in seal design and in-depth knowledge of o-ring applications is superb. Their design help was critical in numerous projects that were at a stand still with no answers in sight. Custom applications where the standard sealing method can not be achieved, they recommended and help design new seals that were proven to be break through. Not only is Satori Seal excellent on a technical level, they have the best customer service and follow through. When samples are required for immediate testing, Satori has come through to expedite the parts. From one engineer to another, I highly recommend creating a symbiotic relationship with Satori in order for you to help your team through design challenges and to overcome tight schedules.

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